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I am well aware the reader(s) of this article may be in different stages of acceptance what befell the Country September 11, 2001. Some by now will have gone on with their lives, others still depressed to do so. Some will still be asking in God's name why? Wile others will still be angry and want o know who in God's name would? Regrettably, some will still be numb from the enormity of the disaster, reduced to methodically doing the next task that life requires/ (this group would be the one most at-risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is suggested on would seek professional help.)

IN the days following the disaster I began experiencing a strange feeling of deja'vu. I know that I have never seen nor experienced anything of this magnitude before. Yet the strange sensations of having felt like this in another time persisted. A feeling similar to an old familiar pain. Indeed similar to a pain and fear that started in my late 30's when I first became aware loosing the feeling of invincibility of my youth. Grounded at this time by the realities of life, left with only a mature form of uncertainty in its place. No longer being able to avoid all the consequences of life.

Could it be this loss as a young adult was similar to the pain and loss of a young country that had just encountered major disaster only many times over. A collective loss of invincibility, by this young country, only to find it having been replaced with a newly found vulnerability. Realizing it could no longer avoid nor control all the negative consequences of an unstable world it finds itself a part of.

After the anger! After the hurt! After the search for justice! After the intensities of the warrior!

""Doesn't the energy that loves to fight need to learn to play all over again? How does that happen""


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