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Marc Smith 2013-06-02 07-52-09 NodeXL Twitter Search thatcamp

This is a site where you can share your memories, critiques, epiphanies, comments about THATCamp. If you would like to contribute, please register for this site. You will receive an email notifying you when your registration has been approved.

Since we’re going old-school, how about a nice FAQ?


Is “THATCamp Retrospective” an unconference?

No, it’s just a site on thatcamp.org where you can contribute thoughts about the THATCamps you’ve been to or about the project as a whole.

Who can contribute?

Anyone. Preferably people who have been to a THATCamp.

Why should I contribute?

For old times’ sake, and to take the opportunity to think back on the last decade of technology and the humanities.

What should I contribute?

If you’d like a prompt, try this one: What influence has THATCamp had on the use of technology in the humanities, both broadly in your field and for you personally? If you’d like to write something, please keep it under 500 words (or so). If you’d like to share something besides or in addition to writing — images, graphs, spreadsheets, code, audio, video — please feel free. Critiques are more than welcome, as are plaudits. No need to be formal.

Posts will not undergo any review; everything will be accepted and published on this site immediately when the author chooses to publish. In the unlikely event that anyone contributes an obscene or threatening post, that post will be deleted and the author banned. Spam posts and comments will of course also be deleted.

What will be done with the contributions?

For now, we’re simply going to leave them here on this site. We might seek to produce a publication of some kind, but if so, we will contact authors beforehand to ask their permission to include their contribution and perhaps revise it or allow it to be edited. Note that all material on this site is governed by a Creative Commons Attribution license, but we will nevertheless contact you if we’d like to republish your contribution.

May I cross-post on my own blog?

Yes, indeed!

How do I contribute?

To contribute, please register for this site and wait for your registration to be approved. Once it has been approved, log in and go to Posts –> Add New to write a blog post on this WordPress site. Click the blue “Publish” button to publish the post to this site.

What’s the deadline?

Please make your contribution by February 21st, 2020, February 25th, 2020 so that we have plenty of time to categorize and publicize the pieces before we turn off contributions and site interactivity on February 28th, 2020.

Any other questions? Ask it in the comments, tweet us @thatcamp, or contact us.


Register for this site to contribute.